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Wednesday 3 July 2013

ARM CANDY: WATCHES- Chunky or Ladylike

Gone are the days when one wore a watch simply for the purpose of keeping time. Today watches are one of the few accessories which are both functional and fashionable. They serve a specific purpose and by pairing them up with some delicate jewellery (read bangles or bracelets), they can instantly add glamour to your look.

Big, bold, chunky watches are the hottest accessory today and I personally love wearing them. You can have a pick from a wide variety of styles- ranging from retro to blingy to masculine. A chunky watch paired with some funky bracelets and/or bangles is the best arm candy.

I quite like dressing up my wrist and currently I am loving my chunky, rose-gold watch that I usually pair with a couple of bracelets and bangles. So today I wore my chunky watch with a pearl bracelet and some red bangles. I quite like the look of it.

Watch: Tommy Hilfiger

And on a previous occasion, I had paired my rose-gold watch with some glittery, pink bangles and a shiny gold bracelet. I chose pink bangles because the colour of my top was pink and gold bracelet because the rest of my jewellery was in gold tones. An outfit post on that coming up soon J.

Watch: Tommy Hilfiger

But don't be disappointed if you do not have a chunky watch. Even the delicate, ladylike watches can be dressed up with bracelets to look fun and cheery. The watch in the photo below is another one of my favourites- it's a delicate, metallic silver watch and I just love the strap. To add more spice, I always team this watch up with a couple of bracelets. Here I have teamed it up with some silver and blue/pink bracelets. And although the watch in itself is not huge or blingy (although I find it quite pretty...can watches be pretty?), paired with the bracelets, it looks quite fun and quirky.

Watch: Moschino

Are you a fan of big, chunky watches or do you prefer delicate, ladylike ones? I’d love to read your thoughts.

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