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Sunday 23 June 2013


I am a big fan of floral prints sand love them in clothing, accessories, upholstery, crockery- basically everything.

And floral skirts in all shapes and sizes make for excellent summer staples. I have a couple of them and absolutely enjoy teaming them up with a solid colour top or blouse on a hot summer day or evening.

Coming on to today’s outfit, I wore my A-line, mid-length floral skirt along-with a deep purple top. I had to go out shopping and thought it to be a fun outfit, keeping the increasingly hot and humid weather in mind. The floral skirt is fun, feminine, fresh and flirty and looks great with solid tops in green, purple, yellow (since the flowers are in those colours). In this case, the purple top echoes with the purple flowers in the skirt. My footwear was purple/silver flats and I carried my current favourite tan bag. For accessories I wore some brown earrings, rose-gold watch and a string of multicoloured beads.

Are you a fan of floral prints? Please leave in your comments.

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